Thursday, December 7, 2017

Hot Virtual Keyboard 9.0 has been released

We are pleased to present a significantly improved version of our on-screen keyboard.

Changes in this version:
  • New design and new icons.
  • New styles have been added: Windows 10, Colored, Android. Order of styles has been changed.
  • Improved: Almost all on-screen keyboards have been improved.
  • Improved: The window for selecting the type of keyboard has been improved.

  • Improved support of High DPI Displays on devices like Microsoft Surface, when "Size of text, apps, and other items" is more than 200%.
  • New keyboard types: MiniTouch, TouchScreen.
  • Improved: Many settings have been moved to new places.
  • New section "Show/Hide" for the on-screen keyboard has been added.
  • New: "Hide the on-screen keyboard when typing on a physical keyboard" setting now hides the keyboard when you attach "Cover Keyboard". If your attachable keyboard doesn't hide the on-screen keyboard, please contact our support team.
  • New "Show only when you click or tap a text box" setting has been added.
  • New "End state" setting for "Auto Hide" feature has been added.
  • New "Use all uppercase letters when I double-tap Shift" setting has been added.
  • Improved: "Set capital after" setting has been replaced by "Capitalize the first letter of each sentence" setting. Now this setting can recognize empty input field. The work in the Spanish language has been improved.
  • New: Now you can use <SELECTION>, <CLIPBOARD> tags for "Open URL" and "Run program" actions. For example:<SELECTION>
  • New "Working In Background" kind of option "Type of URL opening" has been added for "Open URL" action.
  • New folder with Gamepads for computer games has been created. All rarely used keyboards have been moved to the "Outdated" folder. You can add and remove Outdated keyboards and Gamepads from the keyboard list using the menu items in the keyboard selection window.
  • Improved: Sounds "Quiet" has been improved and refined.
  • Improved: The operation of the on-screen keyboard with various combinations of settings has been thoroughly refined.
  • Improved: The switching of the input language has been improved.
  • Improved: The UWP app definition in Windows 10 to create dependencies has been improved.
  • Improved: New options have been added to the Dependencies setting.
  • Improved: "Word Autocomplete" setting has been renamed to "Text Suggestions". "Text Suggestions" feature has been improved.
  • New "Align Text Left" setting for the Text Suggestions.
  • Improved: If a word is not found, the Text Suggestions window is highlighted in color.
  • Improved: Blinking the "Text suggestions" window has been removed.
  • Improved: The Docking function now works faster.
  • Improved: The on-screen keyboard stores position for every screen resolution.
  • Improved: Five keys work like character keys: 0088=",;", 0089=".:", 008A="?!", 008B="-@", 008C="@-".
  • Improved: Now key combinations like Fn+1 work correctly with Ctrl, Alt and Shift control keys. For example: Fn+Alt+4 => Alt+F4.
  • Improved "Show the on-screen keyboard next to the text entry area" setting. If two monitors are connected and the text cursor is not defined, the keyboard will appear next to the mouse cursor.
  • Improved stability of the program on slow computers.
  • Improved some shortcut icons.
  • Improved: "Advanced keyboard settings" window changed by "Expert" window. All extended settings have been moved to Expert window.
  • Improved: "Repeat delay" and "Repeat rate" settings have been moved to the Expert window.
  • New expert settings have been added:
    1. Highlight the keys on the on-screen keyboard when you lift your finger,
    2. Show hieroglyphs for Asian languages on keys,
    3. Temporarily hide the keyboard when a system window is visible in Windows 8 and above,
    4. Temporarily hide the keyboard when the Start Menu is visible in Windows 10,
    5. Hide the keyboard when you swipe it down,
    6. Maximum number of lines in the Text Suggestions.
  • New Javascript functions have been added: "Move to center", "Capitalize the first letter".
  • Fixed problems when typing using a stylus in Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709).
  • Fixed an issue with the Text Suggestions window in WhatsApp software.
  • Fixed an issue with computer restart.
  • Lots of other fixes and improvements.