Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hot Virtual Keyboard 5.0 with Multi-Touch Support

  • Added Windows 7 support.
  • Added native support for Windows 7 multitouch. Touch input is available with 255 touch points.
  • Added new keyboard types: MiniUnspaced, Standard3 (without NumPad), TouchGame1, TouchGame2, Tight1, Tight2.
  • Added an ability to close the keyboard if the "Show the on-screen keyboard next to the text cursor" option is enabled.
  • The number of simultaneously supported languages has been increased to 30.
  • Added support of PNG images in the keyboard editing mode.
  • Added new parameters for confirming the addition of words to the custom dictionary: Disappearance delay, confirmation with a hotkey.
  • Added an ability to download dictionaries directly from the program.
  • When the screen resolution is changed, the keyboard stays in the same corner of the screen it was before.
  • Added a new command line parameter -SHOWKEYBOARD (forcibly show the on-screen keyboard when the program is started).
  • Added a new command to the context menu that brings up the language and text input services dialog.
  • Added an ability to dock the keyboard to the top or bottom of the screen while decreasing the size of the desktop.
  • Added a new option: "Show keyboard symbols accessible via Shift when Shift is not pressed and font is not large".
  • Added a new parameter for the keyboard icon: "Hide when the keyboard is visible".
  • Added the language parameter to autocompletion dictionaries. Dictionaries are activated depending on the currently selected system language.
  • Added an ability to change the size of the keyboard without the need to edit it.
  • Added new settings for the on-screen keyboard: "Fit to the screen width", "Fit to the screen height".
  • Added a new parameter "Mouse pointer" for the onscreen keyboard: Standard (Arrow), Hand and Invisible.
  • Added an ability to configure the folder with autocompletion dictionaries.
  • Added hotkey icons for Windows 7.
  • Added new parameters for the on-screen keyboard:
    Enable key repeat;
    Hold down key until Shift, Ctrl, Alt and Win is pressed;
    Enable AutoClick;
    AutoClick delay;
    Set capital after the specified character;
    Delete a space before specified characters;
    Add a space after specified characters;
    Add a space before specified characters.
  • When the default settings are applied, the keyboard is moved to the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Added flags for Croatian and Bosnian languages.
  • Fixed a minor bug: Text entry from the on-screen keyboard did not work in Microsoft Works, Eclipse IDE.
  • Fixed a minor bug: The input language could not be switched in IBM Lotus Symphony v.1.3.0.
  • Fixed a bug with processing apostrophes in autocompletion dictionaries.
  • Fixed a bug: The program did not start automatically in Windows Vista/7 with UAC enabled.
  • Fixed a bug: When the AccessDenied option was enabled in system registry, access was still provided.
  • Fixed a bug: Removed flicking when used option "Show On-Screen Keyboard when the text cursor is visible".
  • Fixed a bug: The keys for the numbers 5-9 and 0 in the United States Dvorak for Left Hand keyboard were missing.
  • Fixed a bug: If you right-click on a key and accidentally drag the mouse off the key, the menu will pop up and keep the key pressed making an error noise at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug: When the keyboard view was set using the WM_COPYDATA command, it wasn't restored after the system restart.
  • Fixed a bug: When the "Show the on-screen keyboard next to the text cursor" setting was enabled, the keyboard was not shown at Windows start up.
  • Some other enhancements.