Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hot Virtual Keyboard 4.0

Hot Virtual Keyboard software version 4.0 has been released.

Hot Virtual Keyboard speeds up typing and makes using Windows touch-screen devices such as Tablet PCs and UMPCs more convenient by replacing Windows built-in On-Screen Keyboard and Input Panel. The virtual on-screen keyboard replacement provides endless customizations and enhancements of both ergonomics and presentation of the virtual keyboard, enables mouse gestures for routine operations such as shifting characters to upper or lower case, and provides numerous performance enhancements.

On-screen typing with an interactive keyboard gets faster and easier with the Word Complete feature available in Hot Virtual Keyboard for many languages. Supporting all languages and keyboard layouts installed in Windows, Hot Virtual Keyboard makes it possible to replaces Windows On-Screen Keyboard with an advanced alternative.

Hot Virtual Keyboard is highly customizable in looks and behavior. The new touch screen keyboard throws in more than 40 pre-defined virtual keyboards, and allows customizing each keyboard to personal liking. Hot Virtual Keyboard makes is possible to change colors and gamma of the selected on-screen keyboard, assign different sounds to groups of keys, select custom background and set shape and font of the virtual keys.
Users of Hot Virtual Keyboard are able to define gestures, use on-screen hot keys to launch applications and Web sites or run scripts, and perform routine operations such as copy and paste by simply touching the screen or clicking the mouse.

More information about virtually keyboard software you may find at the official web site of Hot Virtual Keyboard software: